Ergobaum Dual Ergonomic Underarm Crutches Review: The Best Crutches Around?

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Undergoing recovery or dealing with mobility limitations can be challenging. When we tried the Ergobaum Dual ergonomic crutches designed by Ergoactives, LLC, we appreciated the focus on comfort and stability. Boasting a unique triple shock absorber system, these crutches aim to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with underarm support.

From our experience, the sequential shock absorbers integrated into the underarm support markedly reduced the strain on our arms, a typical issue with traditional crutches. Furthermore, the crutches’ grip and tip include additional shock-absorbing elements, enhancing walking comfort. Despite their sturdy build, some might find them a tad heavier than expected, but their robustness is a trade-off for the support and durability they provide.

Ergobaum Dual ergonomic crutches

Attention to user feedback seemed evident in the design – we noticed that the crutches are suited for a broad range of adult heights, and their capacity to support up to 380 lbs caters to a broad audience. While they might not be ideal for shorter or lighter individuals due to their size, they could be a game-changer for those within the recommended height and weight guidelines looking for a reliable crutch option.

Bottom Line

The Ergobaum Dual crutches stand out for their focus on reducing the physical strain of using crutches. If standard crutches have let you down, these could be a solid alternative, especially for long-term use.

The advanced shock absorption technology could change how you experience mobility support. Are you interested in a pair of these ergonomic crutches for your or a loved one’s recovery journey? Click here to purchase the Ergobaum Dual crutches and make your mobility comfortable and stable.

Overview of Ergobaum Underarm Crutches

In our experience, the Ergobaum Dual crutches represent a significant advancement in mobility aids. We noticed the design focuses on reducing the discomfort often associated with traditional underarm crutches. Users between 5 feet and 6 feet 6 inches tall and requiring support up to 380 lbs would find these crutches suitable for short- and long-term use.

We found the three-level shock absorption system particularly impressive. The first is in the underarm support, distributing pressure and lessening nerve compression. The grip hosts the second shock absorber, providing cushioning for the hands, and the third is at the crutch tip, adding stability and reducing impact with the ground.

The crutches come in a sleek black and offer robust support with armrests and underarm padding. We appreciated these features during use, although some people may find the crutches a bit weighty compared to lighter models.

Regarding drawbacks, we noticed some users might experience difficulty adjusting to the underarm pads’ size. Despite their bulk, they remain reasonably straightforward to collapse for storage. When weighing the pros and cons, we consider these crutches a worthy investment for individuals facing an extended period of non-weight-bearing recuperation.

Shock Absorber Systems

Our experience with the Ergobaum Dual crutches revealed a thoughtful comfort and impact reduction approach. As users who have navigated various terrains, we can attest that the shock-absorbing feature is a game-changer. It substantially minimizes the jarring sensations that travel up the arms with each step. While crutches are often synonymous with discomfort, we noticed that the Ergobaum crutches mitigated some of the expected strain on our underarms and shoulders.

However, like all things, this system has minor drawbacks. Some of us found the shock absorption could feel a bit too soft when navigating uneven surfaces, suggesting a period of adjustment to find the right balance for individual preferences. Despite this, the consensus within our group pointed towards a positive impact on mobility, especially for those of us dealing with long-term use.

Supports a Wide Range of User Heights

When we looked closely at the Ergobaum Dual Crutches, their adaptability was immediately noticeable for users of varying heights. The ability to accommodate individuals from 5 feet to 6’6” is a significant plus, especially in households or facilities where different people might use them.

What we appreciated about these crutches is the design consideration for a broad audience – it’s a game-changer for those who usually struggle to find crutches that suit their height. This feature adds to the user’s comfort and ensures proper posture while in use, which is critical for injury recovery.

On the downside, adjusting the crutches to the perfect height can be tricky, but the process is straightforward once you get the hang of it. Once adjusted, the crutches stay securely at the set height, giving the user confidence and stability.

In our experience, the effort to adjust the crutches is a small tradeoff for the ergonomic benefits and the support they provide, making them a preferred choice for us when recommending to tall users or those of medium height.

Weight Capacity and Durability

In our experience, the Ergobaum Dual underarm crutches highlight a solid build for enhanced durability. They’re equipped to support individuals ranging from 5 to over 6 feet 6 inches tall, confidently bearing the weight without signs of strain or bending. We’ve found that these crutches maintain their integrity even with prolonged use, which echoes the commitment of Ergoactives, LLC to quality.

Crafted with heavy-duty materials, the crutches resist wear and tear, and their shock-absorber feature minimizes the impact on your arms and shoulders. It’s a thoughtful design meant to extend the life of the crutches and keep them functional. However, the sturdiness doesn’t compromise comfort, with the arm support providing a secure, supportive, and gentle place to rest.

One caveat we noted is that while they’re robust, they can be slightly bulkier than some may expect.

Design and Comfort

When we first got our hands on the Ergobaum Dual underarm crutches, we immediately noticed the thought put into the ergonomic design. Comfort is prioritized for users who rely on crutches for mobility. When using them, the multiple shock absorbers built into the arm supports and tips significantly dampen the impact with each step. It’s a level of cushioning you don’t see in standard crutches.

We found that the cushioning in the underarm support stands out, packing five different shock absorbers to minimize nerve compression. This detail makes prolonged use much more bearable. The pair is also adjustable, catering to a wide range of adult heights, emphasizing the brand’s attention to inclusivity. Compared to the Ergobaum Royal, the lack of electronic features didn’t detract from our experience. Quite the opposite, it made the crutches feel more superficial and more direct.

Our experience was largely positive, though some might find the underarm design takes a little getting used to. But once we adjusted, we appreciated the additional support that doesn’t usually come with forearm crutches. Overall, it strikes us that the design of these crutches does cater to a smooth and less strenuous recovery or daily use.

Pros and Cons


We found ample features to appreciate when evaluating the Ergobaum Dual Underarm Crutches. The integrated shock absorbers are a significant advantage, offering comfort that we noticed reduced strain during use. These are especially beneficial for those of us needing support for extended periods. The adjustability is also commendable, catering to adults between 5′ and 6’6” and supporting weight up to 380 lbs, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of users.

The design and construction impressed us with their sturdiness, which instills confidence during mobility. The underarm and handle support also alleviate the pressure that traditional crutches can exacerbate. We must acknowledge the compliments received when using them — the sleek black look does catch the eye.


On the downside, a few aspects may affect the decision-making process. The Ergobaum Dual Crutches are heavier at over 4 lbs each, which we noticed could be taxing over time, potentially leading to fatigue. Their bulky nature also meant they were a bit cumbersome in tight spaces, something to consider for daily activities.

Adjustability, while generally a pro, has its limitations. Some of us experienced difficulty fine-tuning the crutches to fit comfortably under the arms, and the pads can feel overly large, reducing the expected ergonomic benefit. For those of us looking to return the crutches, be aware that the process might not be as seamless as other purchases, with reports of delayed refunds.

Lastly, while the product supports a higher weight capacity, its sturdiness can also contribute to the cumbersome feel, which might overwhelm those who prefer something lighter and less obtrusive.

Customer Reviews

We’ve been hands-on with the Ergobaum Crutches, and we’ve gathered that customers have a range of opinions about their utility. Some users found the crutches to be a significant upgrade in comfort, especially appreciating their sturdy construction during extended use. One taller individual mentioned that the crutches provided steady support and were a boon during a trip to a busy theme park.

However, there have been some concerns regarding their weight and size, with a few mentioning that they’re somewhat heavy and bulky for their preference. The weight, at over 4 pounds per crutch, was a notable drawback for some, and the size made them feel cumbersome. Another point raised was about the underarm pads; they appeared too large for a comfortable fit for specific users.

Despite these critiques, most agree that for those facing long-term mobility issues, the benefits may outweigh the drawbacks. The term “worth the money” surfaced multiple times amongst users for a long haul with crutches. Overall, our insight from the reviews suggests that while not without flaws, the Ergobaum Crutches could be a viable option for those valuing stability and design in their mobility aids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having tested the Ergobaum crutches, we’ve encountered some common inquiries about their functionality, comfort, and overall user experience. Let’s clear up any uncertainties you might have about these crutches.


After extensive use, we’ve found that these crutches from Ergoactives provide a noteworthy balance of comfort and stability, especially suitable for individuals who require long-term support. Their design receives widespread appreciation, offering a distinctly better experience than standard wooden crutches. The added weight, while initially a concern, proves to be a minor issue as one’s arms tend to adjust over time, reinforcing their sturdiness.

However, they might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Some users have mentioned that the underarm pads are too large, which could undermine the comfort of those with a smaller frame. The weight, described as heavy by a few, may present a challenge for those who prefer a more lightweight option. Moreover, returning them can be less straightforward compared to other products, which is a drawback to consider.

Overall, while these crutches have drawbacks—we can’t overlook the weight and fit challenges—they excel in supporting mobility and elevating comfort. Investing in this product could be a prudent decision for those who are non-weight-bearing for an extended period. Their durability and specialized design suggest a long lifespan, making them a cost-effective solution for prolonged use. We believe they could be a solid choice for many, but we recommend assessing one’s comfort with heavier support devices.

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